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A fixed work schedule and time clock are about as useful in the digitized world of work as a slide rule at a lan party. Because a sustainable society requires not only sustainable buildings but also sustainable working environments, we start in our own company. Adherence to a 40-hour week is antiquated in our eyes. We don’t find self-fulfillment in our jobs alone. In these challenging times, we also need enough time for ourselves to reflect and develop. We therefore leave the traditional way of doing business and judge performance not according to the principle “working a lot is cool” or “working a lot means having done a good job”, but according to the work that has resulted from the work.

Our credo: “Friday = FREE day“.

Freedom and flexibility determine the working atmosphere. Our work schedule is 32 hours a week with more than full pay and vacation compensation. This gives working mothers and fathers more time for their children while allowing them to hold down a full-fledged job because they work the same hours as everyone else. With this working time model, we are ensuring that equality is finally truly lived in our society.

32h week + 30 days vacation

real work-life balance

3-tier organizational structure

On-boarding system for beginners

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