With a view to the future

Building Physics Matters

It’s time for change – and it’s time now!

We don’t just want to plan. We want to help shape society!

[Thomas Richter]

Our range of services for you

Energy efficiency



Building physics

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for sustainable strategies

Energy efficiency
made very easy

Oil crisis, coal phase-out, gas emergency plan.
With G4W foresighted and future-proof through the crisis.

Renewable energies


Energy management

Technical Due Diligence


Comfort measurement

for forward planning

Simulations suitable
for every situation

Trail and Error? That definitely works better today.
At G4W, the term “malingerer” takes on a different meaning.

Acoustic simulation

Plant simulation

Comfort simulation

Fire and smoke extraction simulation

Energy Efficiency Studies

Heating and cooling load simulation

Hygrothermal simulation

Flow simulation

Daylight and artificial light simulation

Thermal building simulation

Shading simulation

Thermal bridge simulation 2D|3D

For sustainable projects

Building physics,
which changed

Loud or quiet, light or dark, warm or cold – architecture and taste are debatable. About the G4W building physics is not.

Thermal building physics


Room acoustics

Energy certificates


Immission control TA noise

Construction noise forecast

KfW and BAFA funding advice and application process

for excellent quality

Certifications without much effort

The “nutrition label” for your buildings. G4W optimizes buildings for clients, for users, for investors and visualizes not only the calorific value, the carbohydrates, the fats and the proteins.


Operating cost forecast

Sustainability consulting

Profitability analysis

QNG Certification

ESG verification

Decarbonization strategies

Climate neutrality concepts

DGNB/BNB/LEED certifications

Life cycle assessment LCA

Life cycle costs LCC

Green Due Diligence GDD